The Masson's of Myterra Ranch

Myterra Ranch is located in the scenic sand hills of East Central Alberta, west of Provost, Alberta and just east of the hamlet of Metiskow along Highway 13.  It is famly owned and operated by myself and Connie, our son Ben is 22 years old now and busy persuing a career in heavy duty Ag mechanics at Battle River Equip. in Provost. 

The main ranch yard is located on the quarter of land that was homesteaded by my great Grandfather in 1910. The yard is well protected from wind by the groves of trees that surround it. Our land base consists of deeded land and rented pasture. In addition to our quarter horses we have a cow/calf enerprise based on Shorthorn and Black Angus breeding.  Most years we also graze yearling steers and or heifers from May to September. We enjoy using our ranch raised horses to ride when we are moving and sorting cattle.

I have been involved with horses since I was 9 years old and Dad bought a Shetland pony named Trixie. I went on to compete in calf roping for 12 years in the Lakeland and Canadian Cowboy rodeo circuits. My interest in breeding high quality cow horses began shortly after, and in 1993 Gary Cooper and I purchased the bay stallion Pepinics Master out of the U.S.A. and for 23 years he was the lynch pin in our Quarter horse breeding program. Pepinics Master was a tremendous sire and a real character. He died of natural causes in December 2017.

To carry on Pepinics Master's legacy we had kept several of his daughters as broodmares. So in 2009 we began searching for a second stallion that we felt would be a good cross. By a streak of good fortune we came across a grey, 2002 son of Playgun, for sale in Florida, Circle Bar Grey Gun. So early in 2010, together with Gord and Cindy Conley we purchased the horse, having only seen photographs of him. He was trailered to th the Alberta/Montana border where we seen him in the flesh for the first time and brought him home. Circle Bar Grey Gun, a.k.a. Casper, turned out to be a beautiful well mannered stud.

For the first 3 years we collected semen and bred mares to him by artificial insemination, just as we had always done with Pepinics Master. Then one summer we decided to put him out in a small pasture with our little broodmare band. Casper took to pasture breeding like a duck takes to water. From that momet we decided that was the way to go. Do we miss teasing mares, collecting semen and A.I'ing mares every other day for the months of May and June? Not at all.

We have been thrilled with how the cross of Circle Bar Grey Gun and the daughters of Pepinics Master has worked out. We have consistently had pretty headed, good minded, athletic foals that have grown up to become fantastic working horses. We do take outside mares to breed but because we pasture breed they have to be at our place before we turn the stallion out with the mares.

If you would like to know more about our horses and what they are capable of accomplishing please get in contact with us, we would be happy to chat with you.


Ed & Connie Masson

January 2022

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