Breeding at Myterra Ranch

January 28, 2022

We will be offering the opportunity to breed outside mares to Circle Bar Gray Gun in 2022.  We will be offering pasture breeding (in a herd with our ranch owned mares) and frozen semen.

We will be accepting 6 outside mares for breeding to Casper, but those mares would need to come to our ranch before Casper is turned out.  Ideally, your mare would come no later than the first week in May.  That way there is time for our mares to accept them and they are part of his band of mares.  Doesn't seem to work to well to try and add a mare after the stallion has been put out.

We will have frozen semen available this year for those mare owners who wish to keep their mares at home.  The semen will be stored at and shipped from Delaney Veterinary Services, Sherwood Park, AB.  I am working on the breeding contracts for 2022 and will have them posted shortly.


If you are interested in breeding a mare to Circle Bar Gray Gun (Casper) please contact us to discuss.  The breeding fee for 2022 will be $900 plus $3 per day for mare care for those mares that come to our ranch for pasture breeding.  I am still working on the additional costs that a client would incur for the frozen semen.  They will be outlined in the breeding contract.

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